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Mr. Vuono Physical Education and Health


Welcome Families!

I am very excited to return as the Physical Education and Health teacher at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School.  This year I will be teaching various exciting Physical Education activities for all students in grades K-5.  Additionally I will also be teaching Health for all grades K-5.  Below I included units we are focusing on in both Physical Education and Health.  Please note changes and updates may be made in both Physical Education and Health throughout the school year.


Physical Education


September: Cooperative Unit, Begin Football Unit

October- Football Unit

November- Fitness Unit

December- Soccer Unit

January- Bowling Unit

February- Volleyball, Hockey Units 

March- Basketball Unit 

April- Hoops for Heart, Handball, Fundamental Motor Skills Unit  

May, June- Team Building Unit


Kindergarten                                                        Grade 1                                                Grade 2                                                                              

September: Safety                                               September: Safety                             September: Safety                          

October- The Five Senses                                  October- Human Body                      October: The Brain and Thoughts  

November- Nutrition                                            November- Nutrition                         November: Nutrition                     

December- Emotions and Mental Health           December- Medicine Safety            December: The Heart                                      

January- Human Body                                         January- Communication                 January: Feelings and Emotions

February- Going to the Doctor and Dentist       February- Feelings and Emotions    February: Growth and Maturation

March- Drug Prevention                                       March- Drug Prevention                   March: Drug Prevention

April- Illness Prevention                                       April- Illness Prevention                    April: Illness Prevention

May- Hygiene                                                       May- Respiratory System                  May: Human Anatomy 

June- Exercise                                                      June- Exercise                                  June: Exercise

Grade 3                                                                  Grade 4                                             Grade 5

September: Community Health                           September: Community Safety        September: First Aid and Emergencies 

October: Safety                                                     October: Teeth and Oral Health      October: Central Nervous System

November: Nutrition                                             November: Nutrition                          November: Nutrition 

December: Eye Care, Vision                                December: Smoking Prevention      December: Respiratory System 

January: Goals and Feelings                               January: Human Body                      January: Emotions and Mental Health 

February: Family and Friendship                         February: Hygiene                            February: Hygiene

March: Drug Prevention                                       March: Drug Prevention                    March: Drug Prevention

April: Germs and Illness Prevention                    April: Immune System                       April: Circulatory System 

May: When Bodies Have Problems                    May: Sound and The Environment   May: Consumer Safety

June: Exercise                                                      June: Exercise                                    June: Bones and Muscles/Exercise 

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